• Rapoo C500 4K HD Computer Webcam

Rapoo C500 4K HD Computer Webcam

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  • Product details of Rapoo C500 FHD 4K Webcam With Microphone
  • 4K Resolution and Auto-focus
  • C500 webcam uses a high-sensitivity chip with a precision lens to support 4K resolution at a maximum frame rate of 30fps, and intelligently adjusts the frame rate and resolution according to ambient light, providing clear and detailed images in low-light environments with fast auto-focus.
  • 80° Wide Angle Lens
  • C500 has an 80° wide angle lens for a wide field of view to restore real scenes.
  • Dual Noise-canceling Microphones
  • C500 has a highly sensitive omnidirectional dual noise-canceling microphone with a range of about 3m.
  • Five-layer Coated Lens
  • C500 is equipped with a five-layer coated lens, which can effectively improve the light transmission rate and image quality to restore more realistic colors.
  • Protective Magnetic Ring
  • The anti-interfere magnetic ring can effectively reduce signal interfere.
  • Multi-angle Adjustable Bracket
  • Multi-angle adjustable stand base, can be adapted to all sizes of monitors and notebooks and other devices, whether flat or hanging, can be as stable as a mountain. It can also be used with a triangle bracket to implement vertical screen live to meet a variety of needs.
  • Removable Camera Cover
  • With a removable protective cover, it can be freely disassembled according to the environment of use, which can effectively protect your privacy in multiple scenarios, more confidential and more secure.
  • Detachable Cable
  • Detachable cable design for easy storage, USB-C interface used for the connection of wire and camera, free blind plugging and unplugging, convenient to use.
  • Support Multiple System Platforms and Multiple Live Streaming Platforms/Softwares
  • C500 is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and other mainstream computer systems, and supports Tiger, Douyu, B station and other major live streaming platforms, no software required, plug and play.
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