• Liho K9 Air Humidifier JS84 - White / Pink

Liho K9 Air Humidifier JS84 - White / Pink

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Features: 1. Small, do not occupy space, used in the car, comfortable to enjoy the big amount of water vapor, into the water mist, refreshing. 2. Deep moisturize, meticulous. Micromolecules easily penetrate the skin surface, direct to the base layer, keeping the cells fully hydrated. 3. With 7 color small night lights, quiet night, for you and your lover to sleep peacefully. 4. Transparent visible water tank, at any time to know the remaining water, watering in advance, moisturizing without worry. 5. More details design: non-slip bottom; easy to remove, USB universal interface; sleek switch control colorful lights. Operation mode: 1. Spray operation: connect the power, click the key, open the continuous spray mode; click again, open the intermittent spray mode (spray 3 seconds to stop three seconds), click the button third times to close all spray mode. (In this cycle) 2. Operation of night lamp and USB: Press 1.5 seconds long to turn on night lamp and USB output; Press 1.5 seconds long again to turn off normal output of night lamp USB, and press 1.5 seconds long to turn off USB for the third time. (In this cycle) 3. Anti dry burning: continuous spray, 4 hour automatic shutdown: continuous spray, 8 hour automatic power failure: restart, continue to use. Specifications: Material: ABS+PP Product size: 149.5*91.3*91.3mm/5.89*3.59*3.59" Product weight: 150g Voltage parameters: 5V; 1A Usage power: 2W Water bottle capacity: 300mL Spray volume: 25-35mL/h Spray time: 4h Intermittent time: 8h Color:Pink/White Applicable place: office, car, living room, bedroom.

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